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galco ankle glove™ holster : cabelas

galco&#39;s premium saddle-leather ankle glove&trade; holster is ideal for those who need deep concealment or prefer an ankle holster. wide neoprene ankle band teams with a velcro&reg; closure for extended wearing comfort. detailed molding secures your weapon. sheepskin padding between your ankle and the holster offers extra, chafe-free comfort. reinforced thumb-break for a speedy draw. fits ankles up to 13&quot; in circumference. calf strap can be used with ankle glove and ankle lite holsters. <strong>made in usa.<strong><br > <strong>available:<strong><br > &bull; glock 19, 23, 26, 27, 32, 33<br > &bull; kahr cw, k, p<br > &bull;&nbsp;springfield xd 3&quot;<br > &bull;&nbsp;calf strap<br > <strong>color: <strong>black.

crossfire undercover ambidextrous holster : cabelas

confidently carry your firearm in crossfire&#39;s undercover ambidextrous holster without drawing unnecessary attention. made in usa. sizes: micro (1&rdquo;-1-12&rdquo; barrels), sub-compact (2&rdquo;-2-12&rdquo; barrels), compact (3&rdquo;-3-12&rdquo; barrels).

galco concealable holster : cabelas

it sports a sturdy two-piece construction with the body side contoured to the natural curve of your hip and the outside custom-contoured to your handgun. the result is comfortable all-day carry and an overall narrower profile than conventional unshaped holsters. deeply molded saddle-leather construction for superb retention and angled for optimal draw efficiency.

galco m5x holster : cabelas

a durable, injection-molded thermoplastic paddle holster that&rsquo;s lightweight, comfortable and nearly maintenance-free. it locks solidly on your belt, yet is easy to remove. your handgun rides at the belt line with a moderate butt-forward angle that speeds your draw. available: s&amp;w j frame, beretta 92, 1911 5&quot;, glock 172231, glock 192332, glock 262733, ruger lcpkel-tec, xd 4&quot;, s&amp;w m&amp;p 940.

galco triton holster : cabelas

the firm molded body allows smooth draws and reholstering. a raised sweat guard protects your handgun from corrosive perspiration and your skin from your firearm. fits belts up to 1.75&quot;.

galco m7x matrix™ holster : cabelas

a strong-side belt holster with a butt-forward angle, the open top makes for fast, smooth access while enhancing concealability. patent-pending removable snap-on belt loops set it apart from other holsters in its class by allowing convenient removal of the holster without having to remove your belt. molded to fit specific semiautomatics, lateral tension secures your firearm when worn.

galco royal guard holster : cabelas

smooth-drawing royal guard holster is crafted of premium horsehide. butt-forward cant increases concealability when worn behind the strong hip. metal-reinforced mouth for easy, one-handed return to the holster. raised sweat guard. removable belt loops fit up 1-34&quot; belts. includes 1-14&quot; belt loops for wear with dress belts. <strong>made in usa.<br > available:<strong> glock 293038, colt&reg; 1911 &amp; var.

galco king tuk iwb holster : cabelas

it combines the comforts of a saddle-leather backing plate with a napa leather front for long-lasting performance. a rigid kydex&reg; holster pocket allows for a fast draw and easy holstering.

galco leather f.l.e.t.c.h. holster - tan : cabelas

a high-ride holster that's the perfect blend of comfort, concealment and accessibility. the premium tan saddle leather is han

galco combat master holster – tan : cabelas

a sharp-looking, ultradurable, tan premium-steerhide-leather holster for wear on your belt. sturdy double-stitch construction with a butt-forward cant to facilitate fast, smooth draws. fits belts to 1-34&quot;. available: glock 172231, glock 192332, s&amp;w m&amp;p 9mm.40 cal., springfield xd 9mm.40.45 with 4&quot; barrel, model 1911 with 5&quot; barrel.

cabelas two-pack rod wraps : cabelas

the convenient hook-and-loop bands of the advanced angler rod wraps securely wrap and hold five or more rods, depending on size, for transport and storage. they grip easily, hold tightly and will not work loose. per two. imported.

crossfire alaskan ambidextrous revolver holster : cabelas

stow your firearm safely on your hip or under your arm with crossfire&#39;s alaskan ambidextrous holster. made in usa. sizes: 4&rdquo;, 6&rdquo;. frames: medium (2&rdquo;-8&rdquo; barrel), large (2&rdquo;-8&rdquo; barrel).

triple k hickok holster : cabelas

this holster can be worn on the right side or the left with butt forward. <br><b>color:<b> walnut. <br> <b>available:<b>

triple k easy-out holster : cabelas

the triple k easy out holster is a convenient way to conceal and carry your weapon. it features an adjustable tension screw and is made of top-grain cowhide. fits most medium- to large-frame semiautomatics and small to medium revolvers with up to a 4&quot; barrel length. accomodates belts up to 1-34&quot;.<br > <strong>color:<strong> plain-finish black

5.11® womens holster shirt : cabelas

specifically designed for women, the sleeveless holster shirt allows you to carry concealed beneath a blouse or other professional garment when conventional holstering isn&rsquo;t available. sizes: s-xl. colors: black, white.

browning® over under cap : cabelas

when you&#39;re headed out into the field, make sure you&#39;re dressed for success. top off your outdoor ensemble with browning&#39;s lightweight cottonpolyester over under cap. adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a customizable fit. front logo for added appeal. one size fits most. imported.<br > <strong>colors:<strong>&nbsp;brown, black,&nbsp;olive.

mountain house® wraps : cabelas

simply mix the contents with boiling water in the pouch, let it stand for ten minutes and serve with a tortilla, flatbread or pita. serving size: 16 oz. servings per container: 1. weight: 4.8 oz. single, 28.8 oz. six-pack. available: breakfast skillet, breakfast skillet six-pack.

crossfire womens edge concealed-carry holster : cabelas

keep your firearm close at hand. the crossfire women&rsquo;s edge concealed-carry holster features a speed-retainer system that offers fast access to your firearm. available: compact lefthand, sub-compact lefthand, 4&rdquo; full lefthand, 5&rdquo; full lefthand. colors: black, blush, fusion, iris, silverdust, spark, tango, turquoise.

blackhawk!® inside-the-pants holster - left : cabelas

this lightweight, in-the-pants holster delivers close-to-the-body comfort and maximum concealment for discreet carrying on ca

blade-tech total eclipse ambidextrous holster : cabelas

the most versatile holster you&#39;ll own, blade-tech&#39;s total eclipse holster provides secure concealment for left- and right-handed shooters with the ability to switch between inside- and outside-the-waistband carry. the contouring curve in the holser is now in the attatchment also for a body-hugging shape. klipt attachment lets you put the holster on and take it off in seconds without removing your belt and boasts a tuckable design that adapts to any dress code by raising or lowering the height. an adjustable cant for either straight drop or fbi. proprietary plastic construction is thin, durable and comfortable to wear.

bulldog muddy girl® ambidextrous holster : cabelas

&nbsp;bulldog muddy girl ambidextrous holsters are made of heavy-duty 600-denier x 300-denier tactical nylon with multiple layers of padding fused together for ultimate comfort, fit, and protection for you and your pistol.

uncle mikes sidekick holster belt : cabelas

load up this durable 2" nylon web belt with your holster and all your shooting accessories. it makes the perfect companion

desantis quick snap™ leather holster : cabelas

the quick snap&#8482; holster has a one-way, snap-on belt loop for easy removal, precise molding and instant access. accommod

5.11® mens sleeveless holster shirt : cabelas

eliminate the need for a shoulder holster with this holster shirt from 5.11&reg;. sizes: s-3xl. colors: black, white.

bulldog fanny pack conceal carry holster : cabelas

a fanny pack with a built-in universal internal holster that fits most pistols. the quick-access design uses no snaps or ve
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