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galco underwrap holster : cabelas

carry one gun or two, plus extra magazines and accessories, completely out of sight. galco&rsquo;s version of the traditional bellyband allows concealed carry of multiple weapons and accessories around your midsection, in a wide range of configurations tailored to personal comfort or specific applications. two leather-backed holster pockets permit stable and effective carry of one or two firearms simultaneously. two additional accessory pockets hold extra ammo, handcuffs, a badge, knife, flashlight, id or other essentials. wear underwraps like a traditional bellyband low on your waistline, partially under your beltline or just above it. you can also wear it around your body&rsquo;s trunk midsection. the two handgun pockets let you precisely position firearms at the angle you prefer. this setup accommodates both right- and left-hand draw, strong side, crossdraw, small-of-back and kidney carry, with butt-forward and barrel-forward cants. constructed of heavy-duty, 4&quot;-wide elastic. measure the area where you plan to carry underwraps before ordering. <strong>made in usa.<strong><br > <strong>sizes:<strong> <strong>small<strong> - (30&quot;-34&quot;), <strong>medium<strong> - (36&quot;-40&quot;), <strong>large<strong> - (42&quot;-46&quot;).<br > <strong>color:<strong> black.

galco walkabout holster : cabelas

galco&#39;s walkabout holster provides deep concealment, quick access and an extra magazine carrier. open-top design with reinforced mouth makes one-handed holstering and drawing easy, while the injection-molded nylon clip prevents the holster from moving. premium center cut steerhide&trade; construction for all-day comfort. no cant. fits belts up to 1-34&quot;. right hand only.

galco paddle lite holster : cabelas

galco has once again created a concealment holster that is reasonably priced yet extremely comfortable and efficient. the patented belt-lock copolymer injection molded paddle is very secure, yet easy to remove and replace without removing your belt. paddle fits belts up to 1.75&quot;. available: s&amp;w j frame, glock 172231, glock 192332, glock 262733, ruger lcpkel-tec, ruger lcr, xd 3&quot;.

galco stow-n-go holster : cabelas

open top allows a fast draw, while the reinforced mouth ensures a smooth return to the holster. fits inside pants and is su

galco triton holster : cabelas

the firm molded body allows smooth draws and reholstering. a raised sweat guard protects your handgun from corrosive perspiration and your skin from your firearm. fits belts up to 1.75&quot;.

galco gladius holster : cabelas

highly-concealable and convenient with an ultrafast draw. the forward-molded gladius holsters are redesigned with a slight butt-forward cant and full slide coverage. crafted of premium steerhide with quick onoff snap loops to fit belts up to 1-12&quot;. adjustable tension unit ensures a comfortable, proper fit. reinforced thumb-break retention strap.

galco royal guard holster : cabelas

smooth-drawing royal guard holster is crafted of premium horsehide. butt-forward cant increases concealability when worn behind the strong hip. metal-reinforced mouth for easy, one-handed return to the holster. raised sweat guard. removable belt loops fit up 1-34&quot; belts. includes 1-14&quot; belt loops for wear with dress belts. <strong>made in usa.<br > available:<strong> glock 293038, colt&reg; 1911 &amp; var.

galco® "model 1880s" crossdraw holster : cabelas

galco ''model 1880's'' cowboy leather is reminiscent of rigs worn in american westerns. the model 1880's crossdraw holster

galco tuck-n-go inside-the-pants holster : cabelas

affordable deep concealment that fits over the pants and behind the belt. the open top allows a fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows smooth and easy holstering. crafted of premium center cut steerhide&trade; leather, it carries the side arm vertically without a cant. patented j-hook secures on belts up to 1-12&quot;. made in usa.

galco tac slide holster : cabelas

engineered to hold your handgun comfortably close to your side, the contours of this holster follow the anatomical curve of your hip. the open-top design has a neutral cant and allows for unimpeded access. fits belts up to 1-34&quot; wide. available: s&amp;w j-frametaurus 85, 5&quot; model 1911, glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, springfield xdxdm, s&amp;w m&amp;p compact, ruger lc9.

galco ankle lite holster : cabelas

a wide neoprene ankle band teams with secure velcro&reg; closure and a center-cut steerhide holster to provide comfortable and secure carry for your compact handgun. additional comfort is provided by sheepskin padding between the holster and your ankle. a reinforced thumb break retention strap delivers added security.

galco king tuk iwb holster : cabelas

it combines the comforts of a saddle-leather backing plate with a napa leather front for long-lasting performance. a rigid kydex&reg; holster pocket allows for a fast draw and easy holstering.

galco "model 1880s" holster - left hand : cabelas

galco ''model 1880's'' cowboy leather is reminiscent of rigs worn in american westerns. the model 1880's holster has a high

galco king tuk left hand holster : cabelas

the patented king tuk holster is worn inside the waistband, making it the supreme choice for speed, concealment and versatility. the holster&rsquo;s backing plate is crafted of lined saddle leather, and the front is made of soft and comfortable napa leather. the interior&rsquo;s rigid kydex&reg; holster pocket offers a faster draw and easy holstering. the removable metal belt clips can be moved along the belt&rsquo;s holes, enabling you to set a preferred carry height and angle.&nbsp;

galco leather f.l.e.t.c.h. holster - tan : cabelas

a high-ride holster that's the perfect blend of comfort, concealment and accessibility. the premium tan saddle leather is han

crossfire cyclone holster : cabelas

a removable comfort pad lets the crossfire cyclone holster be worn inside or outside the waistband, making it ideal for open-carry or concealed-carry scenarios. breathable comfort panel includes a moisture barrier, padded-back neck riser and an exterior pant clip that lets you easily conceal your handgun without chafing from the gun or holster. durable 1,680-denier ballistic nylon. right-hand draw only.

desantis invader™ holster : cabelas

keep your firearm concealed and secure in desantis&#39;s synthetic inside-the-waistband invader holster. constructed of edge-bound neoprene and rugged ballistic nylon that have been precision thermo-molded from sturdy kydex&reg; to ensure repeated wear and lasting use. durable, glass-reinforced c-clips. j-clips sold separately.

crosman shoulder holster : cabelas

you won&rsquo;t get caught out with your airsoft handgun seated in crosman&rsquo;s shoulder holster. fits most medium-sized airsoft handguns.

soft armor slimline shoulder holster : cabelas

the body-hugging design of soft armor&#39;s slimline shoulder holster fits under most shirts, making it ideal for concealed-carry situations. right-hand only.

galco king tuk 2 holster : cabelas

removable metal belt clips fit belts up to 1-34&quot; wide, and can be moved

triple k easy-out holster : cabelas

the triple k easy out holster is a convenient way to conceal and carry your weapon. it features an adjustable tension screw and is made of top-grain cowhide. fits most medium- to large-frame semiautomatics and small to medium revolvers with up to a 4&quot; barrel length. accomodates belts up to 1-34&quot;.<br > <strong>color:<strong> plain-finish black

hunter company belt-style holster : cabelas

for over five decades the hunter company has built the belt-style holster and it has become one of the most popular leather holsters in america.

blackhawk!® sportster serpa holster : cabelas

thumb breaks can slow your draw and get in the way when you re-holster. but you won't experience those drawbacks with blackha

crosman airsoft leg holster : cabelas

be prepared for the quick draw with your pistol seated in crosman&rsquo;s airsoft leg holster. fits most medium-to-large frame handguns.

bulldog cell-phone concealed-carry holster : cabelas

it looks like a cell phonepda case, but discreetly conceals a handgun. this innovative quick draw concealed-carry holster is
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