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jakes lures lil jake lure : cabelas

whether you troll or cast, these lures excite fish. the spinning and wobbling action produced by these uniquely shaped lures

saltwater lures : cabelas

select corrosion-resistant saltwater fishing lures and saltwater hard baits from cabelas that give the extra strength needed to stand up to unforgiving strikes.

wordens lures lil corky bodies : cabelas

salmon, trout and steelhead readily pick up lil' corky bodies as they drift by. they imitate stray eggs as they wash downst

thomas lures cyclone spoon : cabelas

thomas spinning lures have been landing trout and other game fish for over 50 years. per each. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

deadly dick long-jigging lures : cabelas

deadly dick long-jigging lures have been a proven performer for more than 50 years. they are designed to cast snag- free, ma

hogy lures jiggin paddle : cabelas

hogy lures jiggin paddle features an oversized paddle tail that creates heavy thumping movements that get more strikes from hungry saltwater fish. original blend plastic provides both exceptional action and superior durability. flat padded nose creates a solid jighead connection. fish-attracting scale finish. per 4. size: 7"l. colors: (001) silver, (002) bone, (008) herring.

venom lures better beever : cabelas

venom lures better beever is a combination of two baits that fish love. sizes: 3" (per 8), 4" (per 7). available in a variety of colors.

jb lures musky snell : cabelas

jb lures’ musky snell is constructed using a heavy-duty barrel swivel, 24" 60-lb. steel leader, and a sneck hook to ensure the big one stays on. per each. hook size: 100

phantom lures phantom jerkbait : cabelas

the perfectly balanced phantom lures phantom jerkbait flutters during the fall and belly flashes on the retrieve for an attention-grabbing presentation that draws violent strikes. slow-sinking action drops like clockwork at about one foot per second for easy, accurate depth control. per each. size: 7-12”. available in a variety of colors.

cabelas lure retrievers : cabelas

tired of breaking off valuable lures that get hung on rocks, logs and other underwater snags then get them back with this

cabelas lure keeper : cabelas

prevent tangling rods, lines, and lures and eliminate hook injuries. just fold the lure keeper over your fishing rod and lu

trolling lures & rigs, hard baits, fishing : cabelas

cabelas has a fine selection of hard baits is a large number of trolling lures and rigs. you can select from any of the great brands we have in stock.

lobino lures rio rico : cabelas

not only does this lure catch big fish, but it's also the go-to topwater bait for more pros on the circuit than any other popping or spitting bait.  it features an intricately painted finish, ultrasharp hook and a long, flowing tail that keeps moving even after the bait has stopped. size: 2-716", 74-oz. with a gama no. 4 hook. colors: albino, bone, clear, aurora ice, ghost, john murray bass, manahl's rx c.s., skeleton chartreuse c.s. 

macks lures double whammy® classic spinner : cabelas

using a classic indiana wedding ring® and two-hook design, mack's lures double whammy classic spinner has a plug action that wiggles your bait, making it a productive walleye and trout pattern. hook size: 6. available in a variety of colors.

venom lures ron yurko finesse chunks : cabelas

venom lures’ ron yurko finesse chunks are specifically sized for use with the ron yurko finesse jig. snug them up to the “keeper spacer” on the jig for a weedless and remarkable fish-catching combination. per 6. size: 1-78". colors:  black, green pumpkin, brownorange.

southern lure scum dog : cabelas

this snag-resistant lure makes walking the dog easy. fished fast or slow in heavy cover, it blows through lily pads and grass, enticing big bass to strike. available in a variety of colors and sizes.

ice fishing tackle - ice fishing jigs & lures : cabelas

quality ice fishing jigs, lures and spoons from cabelas. our tackle adds the right amount of attraction to draw in fish under any lighting condition.

uv lil corky lure : cabelas

scientists have proven that the sun's uv rays penetrate deepest into the water. that's what makes the uv coatings on these at

heddon® torpedo® lures : cabelas

the churning action of the single rear prop makes the heddon® torpedo® an ideal imitation of a wounded baitfish.

bagley lures bang o b : cabelas

draw a strike from deep-dwelling predators with bagly lure's bang o b. available: 5-14", 1-12 oz., dives 15'-20' , 8", 2-14 oz., dives 20'-30' . colors: (003) hot tiger,  (023) black silver foil,  (025) orange tiger,  (026) tennessee shad orange.

worm fishing lure : cabelas

bait your hook with cabelas selection of long-lasting plastic fishing worms for an artificial bait that looks like the real thing to attract fish.

bomber® slab spoon lures : cabelas

the compact size and shape of the bomber slab spoon keeps it holding tight to the bottom and adds a fast, erratic fall for dr

bomber® lures real craw model a : cabelas

it’s more than a super-realistic crawfish with legendary bass-catching action. lifelike color patterns and realistic texture resemble a true-to-life exoskeleton. raised, blood-red crustacean eyes are positioned at the end of the lure to enhance the already-realistic look. cranking depth from 3-6 ft.  size: 2-18", 516 oz. colors: creek craw, ditch craw, moss back craw, molting craw, nest robber, okie craw, sunrise craw.

dynamic lures hd trout : cabelas

this small crankbait was designed to attract trout and smaller pan fish in rivers, streams and creeks, but it also excels in lakes, reservoirs and ponds. available in a variety of colors.

mosquito magnet® lures and quick-clear cartridges : cabelas

octenol or lurex3 attractants work in conjunction with the mosquito magnets for optimal mosquito-free results. quickclear cartridge is recommended for use on the mosquito magnet after each tank change and before storage for optimal trap performance.
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