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saltwater lures : cabelas

select corrosion-resistant saltwater fishing lures and saltwater hard baits from cabelas that give the extra strength needed to stand up to unforgiving strikes.

dynamic lures travado : cabelas

a great shallow-diving bait, dynamic lures' travado suspends inside the strike zone to catch your quarry. available in a variety of colors.

bagley lures balsa b : cabelas

bagley's balsa b lures serve as the perfect bait for enticing hungry largemouths. reaches depths of 0 ft. to 3 ft. sizes: balsa b1 – 2", 516 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. balsa b2 – 2-12", 716 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. colors: (002) chartreuse shad, (003) hot tiger, (004) red crawdad, (005) sexy shad, (009) black on silver foil, (010) bluegill, (011) chartreuse crayfish.

thomas lures buoyant spoon : cabelas

cast or trolled, deep or shallow, thomas buoyant spinning lures have been landing trout and other game fish for over 50 yea

hogy lures epoxy jig : cabelas

the hogy lures epoxy jig features a vivid scale-finish core surrounded by a double coat of epoxy for excellent durability and natural refraction of light. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

bagley lures rumble b : cabelas

by controlling the waterflow around the minnow bait, bagley lures' rumble b rolls and flashes with a low, resonating rattle when trolled due to its unique swimming lip. length: 4-14". wt. 38 oz. colors: (001) hot perch, (016) gold perch, (017) purple silver, (018) purple pearl, (019) silver blue, (020) silver florescent chartreuse, (021) yellow perch.

hogy lures sand eel : cabelas

the hogy lures sand eel is a hard-to-beat imitator of small sand eels, rain bait and other small forage. it's ideal for rigging on small weighted swimbait hooks and jigheads. per 5.

livingston lures walk-n-pop 77 : cabelas

perfectly balanced and weighted, the livingston lures walk-n-pop 77 delivers the most advanced technology to date as well as an l-face design that maximizes water spray and sound, creating a “smart” bait that fish want to bite.  coolrs: black back chrome shad, beauty shad, pure bone shad, gold digger, red rum, chicken zombie. 

buckeye lures football jig : cabelas

the unique, flat head enables buckeye lures' football jig to stand up when it's dragging on the bottom, mimicking foraging prey or a crawfish. sizes: 12 oz., 34 oz.

cavens quality animal lures : cabelas

for nearly 40 years, caven’s lures have been the gold standard among many trappers and are top producers on the most demanding trap lines in the country. only select, premium and fresh ingredients go into every custom lure, maximizing attracting power. size: 1-oz. glass jar. available in a variety of scents.

venom lures 60-degree tube jig : cabelas

draw fish in and keep them hooked with the venom lures 60º tube jighead. design and 60º eye bend enhance the fall, while 30-size black nickel death grip hook increases the jighead's hooking percentage. per 25. sizes: 116 oz., 14 oz., 18 oz., 38 oz.

gibbs lures danny surface swimmer : cabelas

the danny surface swimmer from gibbs lures pivots from a fulcrum in the center of its body to create a unique swimming action that attracts big stripers. handcrafted wooden construction withstands viscous strikes from hungry fish. sizes: 6", 2-14 oz.; 7-12", 3-12 oz. available in a variety of colors.

livingston lures howeller dmc plus crankbait : cabelas

the livingston lures howeller dream master classic plus runs at medium depth and produces a wide wobble with fast action that is irresistable to lurking fish. ebs multitouch technology™ imitates natural baitfish noises to make it especially effective in cloudy water where predators rely heavily on sound. per each. size: 2-58". various colors available.

bagley lures deep diving bang o lure : cabelas

drive those predators crazy with the bagley lures deep-diving bang o lure.  size: 5-14”, (38 oz.).  colors: (001) yellow perch, (003) hot tiger, (015) purple chartreuse pink, (016) black gold orange, (017) black silver.

venom lures pay-me rig : cabelas

the lure that fishes like a school.per each. size: 316 oz. colors: tennessee shad, sexy shad.

shad rap, crankbaits & fishing lures : cabelas

the shad rap is our most popular crankbait and is responsible for more fishing tournament wins than any other hardbait. check our our huge assortment of shad raps and other fishing lures.

blade baits - blade fishing lure : cabelas

attract even the most finicky of fish with cabelas selection of blade fishing lures.

ice fishing tackle - ice fishing jigs & lures : cabelas

quality ice fishing jigs, lures and spoons from cabelas. our tackle adds the right amount of attraction to draw in fish under any lighting condition.

cabelas antique lures valance : cabelas

brushed-twill 6535 polyestercotton. per each. dimensions: 15" x 88".

wordens lures spin-n-glo : cabelas

these floppy plastic wings that spin with the slightest current or movement. their extra movement can help provoke a fish to

diamond jig-for-rigs lure : cabelas

the jig-for-rigs lure is becoming an increasingly popular weapon for gulf coast anglers fishing oil rigs for amberjack and

hogy lures swimbait hook : cabelas

bridge the gap between a jig and offset-style worm hook. a bait-retaining screw holds your bait in place better than systems without one, and the weighted hook beneath your bait’s keel will keep it swimming true. per 2. size: 100.

h & h lures tko oval shrimp rig : cabelas

h & h lures' tko oval shrimp rig comes rigged and ready so catching your target saltwater species is simpler. colors: (037) shrimp, (050) glowchartreuse tail. leader length: 34". shrimp wt: 14 oz.

atom® lures striper swiper : cabelas

durable plug with a weighted tail creates the kind of surface-disturbing action that entices a wide variety of fresh- and saltwater species. per each.<br > <strong>sizes:<strong> 2 oz., 1-14 oz., 78 oz.<br > <strong>colors:<strong><strong> (007)<strong>yellowwhite, <strong>(008)<strong>silverwhite.

macks lures smile blade spindrift floating walleye rig : cabelas

add another deadly walleye lure to your arsenal with mack&rsquo;s lures smile blade spindrift floating walleye rig.&nbsp; size: 1.1.&nbsp; colors: (350) chartreuse scale, (351) orange scale, (352) white pink, (353) green scale, (354) red, (355) black scale, (356) blue scale, (357) orange green.
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