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saltwater lures : cabelas

select corrosion-resistant saltwater fishing lures and saltwater hard baits from cabelas that give the extra strength needed to stand up to unforgiving strikes.

dynamic lures travado : cabelas

a great shallow-diving bait, dynamic lures' travado suspends inside the strike zone to catch your quarry. available in a variety of colors.

livingston lures walk-n-pop 77 : cabelas

perfectly balanced and weighted, the livingston lures walk-n-pop 77 delivers the most advanced technology to date as well as an l-face design that maximizes water spray and sound, creating a “smart” bait that fish want to bite.  coolrs: black back chrome shad, beauty shad, pure bone shad, gold digger, red rum, chicken zombie. 

bagley lures knocker b : cabelas

an exceptional top-water bait, the bagley lures knocker b casts incredible distances and is great for all species of freshwater fish.  available: (002) chartreuse shad, (010) bluegill, (012) brown frog, (013) green frog, (014) baby bass, (015) shad.

jb lures musky harness : cabelas

jb lures’ musky harness positions bait irresistibly so strikes cause tip-up flags to fly and bobbers to sink. per each.

venom lures dream craw : cabelas

the dream craw by venom lures is a large-profile crayfish bait that looks natural on descent. the unique body design adds to its lifelike action. size: 4-14". available in a variety of colors.

cavens quality animal lures : cabelas

for nearly 40 years, caven’s lures have been the gold standard among many trappers and are top producers on the most demanding trap lines in the country. only select, premium and fresh ingredients go into every custom lure, maximizing attracting power. size: 1-oz. glass jar. available in a variety of scents.

venom lures better beever : cabelas

venom lures better beever is a combination of two baits that fish love. sizes: 3" (per 8), 4" (per 7). available in a variety of colors.

cabelas lure keeper : cabelas

prevent tangling rods, lines, and lures and eliminate hook injuries. just fold the lure keeper over your fishing rod and lu

wordens lures uv rooster trolls : cabelas

used in-line ahead of lures or bait, their uv coating attracts fish at any depth. choose from three different wieghts to ho

lobina lures rico : cabelas

not only does this lure catch big fish, but it’s also the go-to topwater bait for more pros on the circuit than any other popping or spitting bait.  rio rico features an intricately painted finish, ultrasharp hook and a long, flowing tail that keeps moving even after the bait has stopped. the lure is heavy enough for effective use on your favorite baitcasting setup and is even effective when there’s chop on the water. size: 2-38", 14-oz. with a gama no. 6 hook. colors: albino, bone, clear, holographic shad, aurora ice, ghost, john murray bass, manahl’s rx c.s., skeleton chartreuse c.s.

venom lures pay-me rig : cabelas

the lure that fishes like a school.per each. size: 316 oz. colors: tennessee shad, sexy shad.

suick lures shack attack suzy sucker : cabelas

a classic from suick lures, the shack attack suzy sucker is first lure to feature an external breakaway rigging system. specifically made to withstand the sudden and ferocious attack of the muskie, this suckerfish lure allows the hooks to break free from the body, which helps prolong life of the lure. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

suick lures shack attack curly sue : cabelas

a classic from suick lures, the shack attack curly sue is a soft plastic swim bait that delivers a huge amount of underwater vibrations. super durable and lifelike, the long curly tail gives of an aggressive motion that is sure to catch the attention of every fish in the area. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

shad rap, crankbaits & fishing lures : cabelas

the shad rap is our most popular crankbait and is responsible for more fishing tournament wins than any other hardbait. check our our huge assortment of shad raps and other fishing lures.

livingston lures howeller dmc plus crankbait : cabelas

the livingston lures howeller dream master classic plus runs at medium depth and produces a wide wobble with fast action that is irresistable to lurking fish. ebs multitouch technology™ imitates natural baitfish noises to make it especially effective in cloudy water where predators rely heavily on sound. per each. size: 2-58". various colors available.

livingston lures howeller dream master classic crankbait : cabelas

the livingston lures howeller dream master classic crankbait is the lure that helped expert angler randy howell win the 2014 bassmaster classic. available in a variety of colors.

ice fishing tackle - ice fishing jigs & lures : cabelas

quality ice fishing jigs, lures and spoons from cabelas. our tackle adds the right amount of attraction to draw in fish under any lighting condition.

cabelas antique lures valance : cabelas

brushed-twill 6535 polyestercotton. per each. dimensions: 15" x 88".

heddon® torpedo® lures : cabelas

the churning action of the single rear prop makes the heddon® torpedo® an ideal imitation of a wounded baitfish.

cabelas antique lure drapes : cabelas

decorate your bedroom window with a set of drapes specifically made to complement cabela’s antique lure bedding. dimensions: 42"w x 84"l per panel.

skinbait lure tape : cabelas

you always have a crankbait, but you don&#39;t always have the right color. with skinbait lure tape, you can quickly and easily change the color of your favorite crankerbait. skinbait is a reusable, thin and lightweight application that goes on quick and easy. simply line the front up with the lure&#39;s gill plate, stretch toward the tail and press it on. this strong sticking application removes just as easily. per 12.<br > <strong>sizes: <strong> <ul> <li> 5: 1-34&quot;<li> <li> 7: 2-14&quot;<li> <li> 9: 2-34&quot;<li> <ul> <strong>colors: (001)<strong>blue tiger, <strong>(002)<strong>perch, <strong>(003)<strong>clown.

lure retrievers - fishing lure retriever : cabelas

discover heavy-duty fishing lure retrievers from cabelas that are durable enough to last a lifetime in the harshest marine environments.

worm fishing lure : cabelas

bait your hook with cabelas selection of long-lasting plastic fishing worms for an artificial bait that looks like the real thing to attract fish.

jb lures ventilator spinner rig - single-hook#3 blade : cabelas

jb lures ventilator spinner rig with a single hooks#3 blade has a unique ventilated #3 colorado blade. available in a variety of colors.
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