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wordens lures flatfish® lure : cabelas

one of the most productive lures of all time, the flatfish is at home fishing for salmon in the pacific northwest, chasing

thomas lures buoyant spoon : cabelas

cast or trolled, deep or shallow, thomas buoyant spinning lures have been landing trout and other game fish for over 50 yea

bagley lures balsa b : cabelas

bagley's balsa b lures serve as the perfect bait for enticing hungry largemouths. reaches depths of 0 ft. to 3 ft. sizes: balsa b1 – 2", 516 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. balsa b2 – 2-12", 716 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. colors: (002) chartreuse shad, (003) hot tiger, (004) red crawdad, (005) sexy shad, (009) black on silver foil, (010) bluegill, (011) chartreuse crayfish.

venom lures dream craw : cabelas

the dream craw by venom lures is a large-profile crayfish bait that looks natural on descent. the unique body design adds to its lifelike action. size: 4-14". available in a variety of colors.

jb lures musky harness : cabelas

jb lures’ musky harness positions bait irresistibly so strikes cause tip-up flags to fly and bobbers to sink. per each.

deadly dick long-jigging lures : cabelas

deadly dick long-jigging lures have been a proven performer for more than 50 years. they are designed to cast snag- free, ma

hogy lures jiggin paddle : cabelas

hogy lures jiggin paddle features an oversized paddle tail that creates heavy thumping movements that get more strikes from hungry saltwater fish. original blend plastic provides both exceptional action and superior durability. flat padded nose creates a solid jighead connection. fish-attracting scale finish. per 4. size: 7"l. colors: (001) silver, (002) bone, (008) herring.

gibbs lures polaris popper : cabelas

the gibbs lures polaris popper elicits vicious strikes from predatory saltwater fish when retrieved at varying speeds. durable wooden construction withstands toothy attacks. traditional popper design is easy to cast and creates a fish-attracting gurgling sound with minimal rod action. made in usa. sizes: 2-14 oz., 5-38". colors: (007) white, (008) blue, (009) yellow, (011) pogie.

gibbs lures danny surface swimmer : cabelas

the danny surface swimmer from gibbs lures pivots from a fulcrum in the center of its body to create a unique swimming action that attracts big stripers. handcrafted wooden construction withstands viscous strikes from hungry fish. sizes: 6", 2-14 oz.; 7-12", 3-12 oz. available in a variety of colors.

livingston lures dive master jr. : cabelas

fish with a brain, livingston lures dive master jr. is the first and only crankbait that electronically emits sounds of injured baitfish as soon as it hits the water. available in a variety of colors.

creme lures pond favorites hardbaittopwater assortment : cabelas

great on all kinds of gamefish, the lures in creme lure's pond favorites hardbaittopwater assortment travel on or near the top of the water to attract the attention of hungry fish below. durable lure bodies have been crafted with superb coloration and attention to detail. includes five lures – each approx. 2 to 2-34" long – as well as valuable instructions and fishing tips.

evolve lures rx vibra grub : cabelas

the evolve lures rx vibra grub flutters and undulates. it appears to move itself underwater in an extremely lifelike motion, triggering fish to strike. fish it in a variety of ways &ndash; on a skirtless jighead, weighted swimbait hook, as a jig trailer or on a drop-shot rig.<br > <strong>sizes:<strong> 3&quot; (per 8), 4&quot; (per 6).<br > <strong>colors:<strong> (<strong>001)<strong>white shadow, <strong>(003)<strong>leech blood, <strong>(005)<strong>watermelon, <strong>(007)<strong>shinetreuse, <strong>(009)<strong>green pumpkin, <strong>(011)<strong>juvy bass, <strong>(015)<strong>flash shad. &nbsp;

suick lures shack attack suzy sucker : cabelas

a classic from suick lures, the shack attack suzy sucker is first lure to feature an external breakaway rigging system. specifically made to withstand the sudden and ferocious attack of the muskie, this suckerfish lure allows the hooks to break free from the body, which helps prolong life of the lure. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

creme lures crappie fishing book kit : cabelas

creme lures crappie fishing book kit includes everything you need to hook delicious crappie. separate zip-seal compartments keep baits, hooks and weights organized. comes with professional tips, hand-picked lures, weights and jigheads. lures included: mini tail tube, triple tip grub, crappie shad and frisky frog.

jb lures slow death floater rig : cabelas

jb lures and pro staffer dennis foster teamed up to bring you the slow death floater rig. per each. hook size: #4. colors: (001) chartreuseorange, (002) chartreusegreen, (003) firetiger, (004) redpearl, (005) bluepearl, (006) chartreuseblack.

lobino lures rio rico : cabelas

not only does this lure catch big fish, but it&#39;s also the go-to topwater bait for more pros on the circuit than any other popping or spitting bait.&nbsp; it features an intricately painted finish, ultrasharp hook and a long, flowing tail that keeps moving even after the bait has stopped. size: 2-716&quot;, 74-oz. with a gama no. 4 hook. colors: albino, bone, clear, aurora ice, ghost, john murray bass, manahl&#39;s rx c.s., skeleton chartreuse c.s.&nbsp;

cabelas 4-piece lure keeper kit : cabelas

our 4-piece lure keeper kit includes four sizes of lure keepers to prevent tangling rods, lines and lures. fold the lure ke

ego lure retriever : cabelas

compatible with any s2 slider or s1 genesis handle, ego&#39;s lure retriever attachment gives a quick return on your investment, ensuring valuable tackle leaves the lake with you.

jb lures ventilator spinner rig - single-hook#3 blade : cabelas

jb lures ventilator spinner rig with a single hooks#3 blade has a unique ventilated #3 colorado blade. available in a variety of colors.

suick lures muskie weagle : cabelas

this oversized bait offers a beefed up version of the classic &quot;walk the dog&quot; action. it&rsquo;s weighted and balanced to make a loud, aggressive swooshing noise for provoking strikes from huge muskie. size: 8&quot;. colors: black , greenblack , cisco , perch.

heddon® moss boss™ lures : cabelas

throw it into the thickest moss, weed-beds and brush-choked coves <eth> this weedless spoon glides easily over and through th

rat-l-trap lures super trap : cabelas

this is the bait that started the lipless crankbait revolution, and it remains deadly on all game fish. size: 4-12&quot;, 1-12 oz. available in a variety of colors.

lunker city slug-go® lures : cabelas

the slug-go combines the best properties of a stick bait with the texture and flexibility of soft plastic. pitch it weightl

hogy lures 10" jerkbait : cabelas

the hogy jerkbait is popular with inshore and bluewater saltwater anglers for its versatile, easy-to-work action and slow-mov

war eagle lures buzzbaits : cabelas

crafted with light wire frames for enhanced vibration and water-churning action, war eagle buzzbaits are fast becoming favori
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