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dynamic lures travado : cabelas

a great shallow-diving bait, dynamic lures' travado suspends inside the strike zone to catch your quarry. available in a variety of colors.

bagley lures balsa b : cabelas

bagley's balsa b lures serve as the perfect bait for enticing hungry largemouths. reaches depths of 0 ft. to 3 ft. sizes: balsa b1 – 2", 516 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. balsa b2 – 2-12", 716 oz., dives to 3 ft. deep. colors: (002) chartreuse shad, (003) hot tiger, (004) red crawdad, (005) sexy shad, (009) black on silver foil, (010) bluegill, (011) chartreuse crayfish.

gibbs lures polaris popper : cabelas

the gibbs lures polaris popper elicits vicious strikes from predatory saltwater fish when retrieved at varying speeds. durable wooden construction withstands toothy attacks. traditional popper design is easy to cast and creates a fish-attracting gurgling sound with minimal rod action. made in usa. sizes: 2-14 oz., 5-38". colors: (007) white, (008) blue, (009) yellow, (011) pogie.

bagley lures deep-diving shad : cabelas

deadly on walleye, the bagley lures deep-diving shad delivers wide, wobbling action that sends out vibrations, drawing gamefish from afar.  size: 2-34” (13 oz.).  colors: (003) hot tiger, (021) yellow perch, (022) pistachio, (023) black silver foil, (024) chartreuse white, (025) silver purple foil, (026) albino.

bagley lures rumble b : cabelas

by controlling the waterflow around the minnow bait, bagley lures' rumble b rolls and flashes with a low, resonating rattle when trolled due to its unique swimming lip. length: 4-14". wt. 38 oz. colors: (001) hot perch, (016) gold perch, (017) purple silver, (018) purple pearl, (019) silver blue, (020) silver florescent chartreuse, (021) yellow perch.

vertical lures tube-x tube : cabelas

professionally designed and tournament tested, the versatile vertical lures tube-x tube features a balanced hollow body with a durable rattle chamber. size: 4-14”. colors: (150) black neon, (153) green pumpkin, (155) watermelon seed, (156) cayuga craw, (157) white, (175) bond creek brown.

livingston lures pro ripper : cabelas

fish with a brain, livingston lures pro ripper is the first and only lipless crankbait that electronically emits sounds of injured baitfish as soon as it hits the water. available in a variety of colors.

venom lures 60-degree tube jig : cabelas

draw fish in and keep them hooked with the venom lures 60º tube jighead. design and 60º eye bend enhance the fall, while 30-size black nickel death grip hook increases the jighead's hooking percentage. per 25. sizes: 116 oz., 14 oz., 18 oz., 38 oz.

snapper slapper offshore lures : cabelas

the original snapper slapper offshore lure has a squid-like action, a phosphorescent head, planing wings and a stinger hook t

venom lures ron yurko finesse chunks : cabelas

venom lures’ ron yurko finesse chunks are specifically sized for use with the ron yurko finesse jig. snug them up to the “keeper spacer” on the jig for a weedless and remarkable fish-catching combination. per 6. size: 1-78". colors:  black, green pumpkin, brownorange.

tightlines uv lures whisker texas rig : cabelas

poured with an isolated uv-absorbing coloring that bass can clearly see, the tightlines uv lures whisker texas rig provides a potent presentation that your favorite gamefish won&#39;t be able to ignore. features a fluttering, flapping crawfish profile, a super-soft silicone skirt and it&#39;s unlike anything on the market. perfect for almost any jig or texas rig. per 3.<br > <strong>size: <strong>4&quot;.<br > <strong>colors: (001)<strong>craw, <strong>(003)<strong>green pumpkinpbj, <strong>(005)<strong>blueblack.

venom lures ron yurko finesse jig : cabelas

when the fish are lethargic, venom lures ron yurko finesse jig entices strikes when paired with their finesse chunk soft plastics. per each. sizes: 18 oz., 14 oz. colors: black, green pumpkin, brown.

venom lures pay-me rig : cabelas

the lure that fishes like a school.per each. size: 316 oz. colors: tennessee shad, sexy shad.

blade baits - blade fishing lure : cabelas

attract even the most finicky of fish with cabelas selection of blade fishing lures.

bagley lures bang o b : cabelas

draw a strike from deep-dwelling predators with bagly lure&#39;s bang o b. available: 5-14&quot;, 1-12 oz., dives 15&#39;-20&#39; , 8&quot;, 2-14 oz., dives 20&#39;-30&#39; . colors: (003) hot tiger, &nbsp;(023) black silver foil, &nbsp;(025) orange tiger, &nbsp;(026) tennessee shad orange.

uv lil corky lure : cabelas

scientists have proven that the sun's uv rays penetrate deepest into the water. that's what makes the uv coatings on these at

kalins scampi lure : cabelas

kalin&#39;s scampi lure is a great fall-season fishing bait with a long history of success. sizes: 5&quot; (per 4), 9-12&quot; (per 2). available in a variety of colors.

lure molds - fishing lure tools : cabelas

create a perfect jig in your or garage with fishing lure building tools and fishing lure molds from cabelas that are properly pinned to give perfect alignment.

lindy® lil guy : cabelas

lindy&#39;s lil&#39; guy adds crankbait action to your rigs, plus since it&#39;s buoyant even when motionless, it keeps you off the bottom. 36&quot; 14-lb. silver thread&reg; fluorocarbon line. snell storage unit keeps rigs tangle-free. per each.<br > <strong>size:<strong> 2&quot;.<br > <strong>colors: (205)<strong>perch, <strong>(219)<strong>orangeade, <strong>(220)<strong>aunt creepy, <strong>(223)<strong>coward, <strong>(224)<strong>chameleon, <strong>(225)<strong>black eye, <strong>(226)<strong>firetiger, <strong>(243)<strong>goldblack, <strong>(255)<strong>silverblue,<strong> (256)<strong>trans yellow.

storm® hot-n-tot lure : cabelas

from its metal lip to its classic profile, everything about this bait is original. after all, when a lure has boated as man

quickswirl™ lure connector with swivel : cabelas

why waste precious fishing time changing lures tie on a quickswirl and it takes only a few seconds to switch baits. original

hogy lures tandem rig : cabelas

designed with a large profile for targeting big fish, its action perfectly imitates a vulnerable eel. conveniently pre-rigged with a reusable hogy tandem quick rig, through-wire and 4x-strong hooks. per each. sizes: 10&quot;, 14&quot;. colors: bubble gum, bone, black pearl.

jb lures micro weasel : cabelas

swimming action mimics a baitfish. hand-soldered jig has a hammered-nickel back (except gold). per 2. size: 112 oz. colors: red-glow, gold, chartreuse-glow, blue-glow, neon-yellow.

h & h lures tko popping float rig : cabelas

made of the highest-quality black titanium wire leader for a kink-free performance, h&amp;h lures&#39; tko popping float rigs deliver consistent movement and sound as the float and brass beads slide between metal eyelets, yielding an irresistible rattle. colors: chartreuse, orangegreen.

macks lures smile blade spindrift floating walleye rig : cabelas

add another deadly walleye lure to your arsenal with mack&rsquo;s lures smile blade spindrift floating walleye rig.&nbsp; size: 1.1.&nbsp; colors: (350) chartreuse scale, (351) orange scale, (352) white pink, (353) green scale, (354) red, (355) black scale, (356) blue scale, (357) orange green.
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