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joe bucher quick-set sucker rig : cabelas

targeting giant muskies set yourself up for success with quick-set sucker rig from joe bucher. per each. size : 18”.

joe bucher premium quick-set sucker rig with float : cabelas

targeting giant muskies set yourself up for success with a premium quick-set sucker rig with float from joe bucher. available: 18” premium rig, 24” premium magnum rig.

joe bucher muskie float rig : cabelas

targeting giant muskies set yourself up for success with a joe bucher muskie float rig. per each. available: 18” sucker float rig, 24” magnum float rig.

joe bucher swimn raider : cabelas

realistic soft-plastic swimbaits are a hot trend for big bass and muskies. joe bucher's swim'n raider soft-plastic baits boast both a highly-realistic finish and action. when monster fish won't strike anything else, up your odds with a swim'n raider. cast or troll effectively in both clear or murky water during all seasons. per each. size: 8". colors: (001) sucker, (002) firetiger, (003) cisco, (004) perch.

joe bucher mag tinsel spinner : cabelas

if you're targeting large, predatory fish in freshwater the mag tinsel spinner from joe bucher is a great choice. length: 10". weight: 3.5 oz. color: (002) blackrednickel.

joe bucher top raider : cabelas

one of the most sought-after baits for muskie trolling, and for good reason – it’s is a proven catcher of the biggest fish. size: 8", 2 oz. available in a variety of colors.

inhaler quick strike sucker rigs : cabelas

securely holds all sizes of sucker minnows with a unique nose-hook system. available: single hook, double hook.

felmlee flashdancer rig : cabelas

a canopy of willow-leaf blades simulates a vulnerable school of baitfish flashing through the water. this rig has the capabil

terminator titanum rig : cabelas

better, stronger and longer lasting than similar baits. the secret is a snapback titanium-wire frame that won’t break and is highly resistant to bending, always snapping back to its original form without having to re-bend any wires. lure mimics a small school of baitfish. size: 8". colors: blue shad, crappie.

fish finder rig : cabelas

fish finder rig adds 30% distance to your casts. hooked bait attaches to a special hook keeper, so it stays behind the sinker

manns alabama rig : cabelas

designed to simulate a school of baitfish, this rig is deadly effective, even on the most finicky fish. colors: (002) pearlblack, (004) sexy shad.

booyah® boo rig : cabelas

booyah's boo rig delivers incredible fish-attracting motion and visibility. per each. sizes: 14 oz., 38 oz., 12 oz. color: alpine.

double drop rig : cabelas

add even more distance to your casts. the double drop comes rigged with double-drop hooks, so you can efficiently fish two ba

joe bucher super top raider : cabelas

one of the most sought-after baits for muskie, and for good reason – it’s a proven catcher of the biggest fish. this 9" version of the world-famous top raider produces splashing, sputtering and gurgling sounds that attract muskies from far and wide. per each. size: 9", 3.25 oz. colors: blackfire tail, baby loon, firetiger.

caribbean joe womens high-density poplin capris : cabelas

perfect for breezy days at the beach, these caribbean joe high-density poplin capris have slash front pockets, button-closure back pockets, belt loops and cuffs secured by button tabs. 982 cottonspandex. imported.<br > <strong>inseam:<strong> 12-12&quot;<br > <strong>even sizes:<strong> 6-16.<br > <strong>colors: <strong>caribe green, grenadine orange, provence blue, white, bright white, lime kiwi.

berkley® schooling rig kit : cabelas

schooling rigs are the latest rage in fishing. no surprise, considering how effective they are at catching fish in tournaments across the country. this berkley rig kit includes five 4&quot; powerbait&reg; split-belly swimbaits connected with 60-lb. cross-lok&reg; snap swivels. colors: (001) pearl white, (003) hitch.

suick lures shack attack suzy sucker : cabelas

a classic from suick lures, the shack attack suzy sucker is first lure to feature an external breakaway rigging system. specifically made to withstand the sudden and ferocious attack of the muskie, this suckerfish lure allows the hooks to break free from the body, which helps prolong life of the lure. available in a variety of sizes and colors.

kalins carolina clacker rig : cabelas

carolina rigging without the work. comes complete with 40-lb. nylon-coated wire leader, beads, swivels and brass weight. sizes: 14 oz., 12 oz., 34 oz.

yum® yumbrella double-up rig : cabelas

rig two baits to work in a tandem and create the ideal presentation for a wide variety of lures and situations. lures not included. per each.&nbsp;

sea striker® mullet rig : cabelas

the ideal rig when using mullet for bait. color: green and yellow.

eagle claw snapper rig : cabelas

assembled with the world&#39;s only american-made fishhook, the eagle claw snapper rigs is a great choice when going after blue fish. uses the lazer sharp&reg; 066n with a size 6 hook.&nbsp; available: snapper popper rig with spoon &ndash; includes crane swivel, poppin&#39; foam float, iridescent flasher and 45&quot; clear monofilament. saltwater snapper rig with tube&ndash; includes weighted poppin&#39; foam float and 42&quot; clear monofilament.

yum® yumbrella five-wire rig : cabelas

one of the most deadly ways to target bass, stripers and other gamefish, the yumbrella rig lets you troll five of your minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at once. colors: (167) tennessee special, (168) foxy lady.

michigan stinger meat rig : cabelas

troll your favorite cut bait behind a flasher on the michigan stinger meat rig.&nbsp;available in a variety of colors.

cabelas charter series walleye rig : cabelas

use our charter series big water walleye rig to draw trophy walleye from the weeds and onto your hook by imitating the tasty fo

sea striker® bluefish rig : cabelas

double-drop rig is tied with 40-lb. nylon-coated wire. two fluorescent floats, swivels, sinker attachment links and plated hooks.per each. colors: green, pink.
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