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joe bucher quick-set sucker rig : cabelas

targeting giant muskies set yourself up for success with quick-set sucker rig from joe bucher. per each. size : 18”.

joe bucher premium quick-set sucker rig with float : cabelas

targeting giant muskies set yourself up for success with a premium quick-set sucker rig with float from joe bucher. available: 18” premium rig, 24” premium magnum rig.

double drop rig : cabelas

add even more distance to your casts. the double drop comes rigged with double-drop hooks, so you can efficiently fish two ba

gamakatsu® striper rig : cabelas

pre-tied striper-specific rigs feature ultrasharp gamakatsu® octopus hooks tied on 28" of premium 40-lb.-test monofilament. high-quality spro barrel swivels rated at 130 lbs. per 2. sizes: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.

felmlee flashdancer rig : cabelas

a canopy of willow-leaf blades simulates a vulnerable school of baitfish flashing through the water. this rig has the capabil

booyah® boo rig : cabelas

booyah's boo rig delivers incredible fish-attracting motion and visibility. per each. sizes: 14 oz., 38 oz., 12 oz. color: alpine.

joe bucher super top raider : cabelas

one of the most sought-after baits for muskie, and for good reason – it’s a proven catcher of the biggest fish. this 9" version of the world-famous top raider produces splashing, sputtering and gurgling sounds that attract muskies from far and wide. per each. size: 9", 3.25 oz. colors: blackfire tail, baby loon, firetiger.

sea striker® grouper rig : cabelas

grouper rigs are tied with 30" of 150-pound test monofilament, a plated heavy-wire 80 hook, 20 sea striker swivel and a b

kalins carolina clacker rig : cabelas

carolina rigging without the work. comes complete with 40-lb. nylon-coated wire leader, beads, swivels and brass weight. sizes: 14 oz., 12 oz., 34 oz.

yum® yumbrella double-up rig : cabelas

rig two baits to work in a tandem and create the ideal presentation for a wide variety of lures and situations. lures not included. per each. 

cabelas charter series walleye rig : cabelas

use our charter series big water walleye rig to draw trophy walleye from the weeds and onto your hook by imitating the tasty fo

hogy lures tandem rig : cabelas

designed with a large profile for targeting big fish, its action perfectly imitates a vulnerable eel. conveniently pre-rigged with a reusable hogy tandem quick rig, through-wire and 4x-strong hooks. per each. sizes: 10", 14". colors: bubble gum, bone, black pearl.

buccaneer holographic shrimp rig : cabelas

the buccaneer holographic shrimp rig works hard in all salt-water in-shore and offshore areas. with a realistic appearance, attention-grabbing action and holographic effects, this rig is positively irresistible. size: 3". available in a variety of colors.

gamakatsu® red two-hook rig : cabelas

6-ft. monofilament mooching rig from gamakatsu with red octopus hooks to simulate the gill flash fish key on. <b>per 3.<b>

yum® yumbrella five-wire rig : cabelas

one of the most deadly ways to target bass, stripers and other gamefish, the yumbrella rig lets you troll five of your minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at once. colors: (167) tennessee special, (168) foxy lady.

michigan stinger meat rig : cabelas

troll your favorite cut bait behind a flasher on the michigan stinger meat rig.&nbsp;available in a variety of colors.

lindy® original minnow rig : cabelas

popular for snagging wary walleye, these rigs feature a modern slip-sinkerfeed &#39;em line system that presents live bait naturally. rigs are pre-tied for easy setup. each pack comes with three 36&rdquo; snells, two sinkers and two swivel clips. sizes: 18, 14, 38, 12.

sea striker® chute rig : cabelas

the sea striker chute rig is popular for stripers. nylon hair trolls in reverse. swing hook is ideal to add 6&quot; and 9&quot; shad bodies. size: 4 oz. colors: &nbsp; (007) white, (096) chartreuse,&nbsp; (209) chartreusepink.

eagle claw snapper rig : cabelas

assembled with the world&#39;s only american-made fishhook, the eagle claw snapper rigs is a great choice when going after blue fish. uses the lazer sharp&reg; 066n with a size 6 hook.&nbsp; available: snapper popper rig with spoon &ndash; includes crane swivel, poppin&#39; foam float, iridescent flasher and 45&quot; clear monofilament. saltwater snapper rig with tube&ndash; includes weighted poppin&#39; foam float and 42&quot; clear monofilament.

sea striker® cod rig : cabelas

durable, high-strength 2-drop rigs for fishing cod. 80-lb. test monofilament with a 40&quot; overall length. plated swivel. stainless steel sinker release. two gold-plated break hooks with fluorescent tubing. per each . sizes: 50, 70.

owner® side-drifting ssw rig : cabelas

thin and durable, owner side-drifting ssw rig features a thinner hook for natural bait presentation. sizes: 2, 4. colors: black, red.

frys.com|bouzouki joe records

turkish freakout, vol. 2 by various artists (audio cd),bouzouki joe records

do-it ultra umbrella rig mold : cabelas

use this mold to create your own deadly umbrella rig, saving you money and providing you with a custom presentation. designed to work with do-it umbrella wire forms.

sea striker® flukeflounder flicker rig : cabelas

put some classic, flickering-blade intensity into your fishing arsenal with the sea striker flukeflounder ficker rig. per 4. hook colors: nickel, gold. hook sizes: 4, 2, 1, 10.

felmlee double hook eel rig : cabelas

troll, cast or jig these life-sized eels. rigged with 80-lb.-test wire for resisting toothy bites. naturally swimming heads f
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