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lure building kits : cabelas

take full advantage of competitively priced fishing lure kits and lure building kits from cabelas with everything you need for a variety of different spinner rigs.

spinner kits - fishing spinner maker kits : cabelas

discover fishing spinner maker kits from cabelas that provide you with everything you need to get started making custom spinner rigs and deluxe walleye spinners.

shakespeare® catch more fish kits : cabelas

shakespeare catch more fish kits have all the basic tackle an angler needs to land a specific fish. each tackle box has a durable tackle tray with latches.

fly tying kits : cabelas

select easy to use fly tying kits from cabelas that will help you learn to tie some of the most-used patterns in every fly-fishers arsenal.

yak-gear anchor kits : cabelas

keep your kayak or canoe solidly anchored along your fishing hole with yak gear's anchor kits. heavy-headed grapnel anchors get down quick and are easy to set. includes rock-rigging instructions to ensure retrieval when hooked on uderwater obstructions. comes with 30-ft. anchor rope and mesh carry bag. available: 1 lb., 3 lb.

lockdown™ safe kits : cabelas

lockdown safe kits keep your firearm collection both safe and in perfect condition. the dehumidifier rod reduces moisture and protects from rust, corrosion and mildew – all of which are harmful to firearms. available: essentials kit –  includes handgun hanger which makes use of door space. deluxe kit –  includes large hanging organizer to keep your items in order and increase storage space. barrel rest safely holds firearms. bolt safe to the wall with the provided lag screws.

yak-gear rigging kits : cabelas

add or replace worn storage bungees, paddle holders and anchor rigs with yak gear&#39;s rigging kits. rugged molded-rubber clips are extremely strong and reliable. universal fit for most kayaks and canoes. stainless steel hardware and rigging tips.<br > <strong>available:<strong> <ul> <li> <strong>anchor bar cleat &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>anchor trolley kit &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>build a crate single &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>build a crate triple &ndash; <strong>fdaa<li> <li> <strong>bungee deck kit &ndash; <strong>upgrade your canoe or kayak&#39;s storage and secure more gear. includes 10 ft. of 14&quot; nylon bungee, six pad eyes and two j hooks for deck mounting.<li> <li> <strong>ez loops &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>folding paddle kit &ndash; <strong>fde<li> <li> <strong>handle kit &ndash; <strong>dee<li> <li> <strong>molded paddle kit &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>pad eye kit &ndash; <strong>five-piece kit includes...<li> <li> <strong>paddle keeper &ndash; <strong>fasd<li> <ul>

rcbs® rock chucker supreme reloading kits : cabelas

a convenient, cost-saving solution for the beginning reloader or an equipment upgrade for the seasoned expert, the rcbs rc supreme reloading kits contain virtually all the top-quality equipment needed for precision metallic reloading. based on the legendary rock chucker press, the <strong>rock chucker supreme and supreme master<strong> offer a superior blend of strength, precision and versatility. they have the same ultrastrong cast-iron construction along with a larger window opening to accommodate today&rsquo;s longer magnum cartridges. ambidextrous designs ensure comfortable right- or left-hand use. (dies and shellholders not included.)<br > <strong>supreme kit includes:<strong> rock chucker supreme press, 5-0-5 powder scale, uniflow&trade; powder measure, speer no. 14 reloading manual, hand-priming tool, hex-key set, universal case loading block, case-lube kit, powder funnel and deburring tool.<br > <strong>supreme master kit includes:<strong> rock chucker supreme press, m500 mechanical scale, uniflow&trade; powder measure, nosler no. 7 reloading manual, hand-priming tool, hex-key set, universal case loading block, case-lube kit, powder funnel and deburring tool.

cabelas smokehouse sausage kits – 25 lbs. : cabelas

create delicious fresh or smoked sausage with these cabela's sausage kits. the pre-measured cure and seasoning have no filler

survival tools & kits : cabelas

protect yourself from un-welcome creatures with cabelas pepper and bear spray and extreme weather with space blankets. having proprer survival and safety supplies like emergency space blankets, pepper spray and other personal defense supplies is pertinent to any outdoor adventure.

joes flies hot-4-trout kits : cabelas

entice, hook, and land trout, bass and panfish on light spinning tackle like never before using joe's flies deadly spinner-fl

allied tool kits : cabelas

perfect for do-it-yourself mechanics, allied tool kit includes 175 of the most-reached-for tools for general automotive repair and maintenance. full-length heat-treated combination wrenches, sae and metric sockets, needle-nose pliers, four quivers of bits, ratcheting screwdriver, precision spark plug gap gauge, allen wrenches, wire strippers, tire gauge and even tie downs ensure you&#39;re ready for any job. super-durable chrome vanadium alloy steel construction. flip index bar for easy access. exceeds a.n.s.i. and u.s. federal specifications for quality and performance. manufacturer&#39;s unconditional replacement warranty.<br > <strong>wt: <strong>7.82 lbs.

mepps® trouter kits : cabelas

entice monster rainbows out of high country lakes or big browns out of western rivers with these proven trout-getters. <br

moldcraft offshore kits : cabelas

these offshore trolling kits are rigged and ready to tackle saltwater bruisers. <br> <b>available:<b> <li>the <b>tuff hoo

cabelas telescopic panfish poles : cabelas

designed specifically as the ultimate panfish rod, these ultracompact telescopic poles provide superior portability, yet ar

cabelas action tail 411-piece panfish kit : cabelas

when panfish are finicky or inactive, you&rsquo;ll be glad you have our value-packed action tail panfish kit. with three bait styles (2&quot; fat grubs, 1.75&quot; hard-head tubes, 1.75&quot; minnows) and a variety of colors to choose from, you&rsquo;re sure to find a combination that will drive panfish wild.

shakespeare® ugly stik® kits : cabelas

everything you need to step up to the shore and start fishing in one rigged and ready kit.

compound bows & compound bow kits : cabelas

cabelas has a huge selection of compound bows in stock. compound bows from makers like bear archery, parker, and many others.

tuff country level kits : cabelas

level your truck&#39;s front with the rear and put on larger tires with the tuff country level kits. all leveling kits are made of high-quality materials. available for a variety of models.

in-fisherman tactical panfish dvd : cabelas

let&rsquo;s get into the field with in-fisherman staff members, as they offer hands-on help with panfish throughout the year. 69 minutes. dvd.

reloading presses & reloading press kits : cabelas

the perfect reloading press & reloading press kits and accessories from cabelas!

panfish rods - crappie panfish rods & jig poles : cabelas

choose panfish rods and jig poles from cabelas that are designed for sensitivity to feel the lightest fishing strikes.

creme lures panfish fishing book kit : cabelas

creme lures panfish fishing book kit includes everything you need to hook delicious panfish like crappie, sunfish and bluegill. seperate zip-seal compartments keep everything organized. comes with professional tips, hand-picked lures, weights and jigheads. lures included: mini tail tube jigs, lit&#39;l fishie, triple tip grub, spoiler shad, crappie shad and frisky frog.

pse vibracheck bow dampener kits : cabelas

add to your bow&#39;s aesthetic appeal while reducing vibration with pse&#39;s vibracheck bow dampener kits.<br > <strong>colors: <strong>green, red, pink.

rat-l-trap panfish super natural™ crankbait : cabelas

draw the attention of picky fish with this enticing rat-l-trap panfish super natural crankbaits. featuring the super natural&trade; laser-color technology, each tiny trap bait displays realistic and high-resolution designs to lure even the wariest fish out of hiding. size: 18 oz., 1-34&quot;.&nbsp; colors: &nbsp; (271) red caterpillar,&nbsp; (267) rainbow trout,&nbsp; (272) grub,&nbsp; (274) black caterpillar,&nbsp; (277) sexy west,&nbsp; (278) black pink,&nbsp; (280) chrome blue orange belly, &nbsp;(281) gold black orange belly.&nbsp;
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