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canvas fastener kits : cabelas

these fastener kits can easily repair your canvas. available in your choice of snap repair or twist fasteners canvas kits.<

generac® maintenance kits : cabelas

generac&#39;s maintenance kits provide everything you need to perform routine maintenance on your generac air-cooled generator. for use with 2013 models only.

yak-gear rigging kits : cabelas

add or replace worn storage bungees, paddle holders and anchor rigs with yak gear&#39;s rigging kits. rugged molded-rubber clips are extremely strong and reliable. universal fit for most kayaks and canoes. stainless steel hardware and rigging tips.<br > <strong>available:<strong> <ul> <li> <strong>anchor bar cleat &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>anchor trolley kit &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>build a crate single &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>build a crate triple &ndash; <strong>fdaa<li> <li> <strong>bungee deck kit &ndash; <strong>upgrade your canoe or kayak&#39;s storage and secure more gear. includes 10 ft. of 14&quot; nylon bungee, six pad eyes and two j hooks for deck mounting.<li> <li> <strong>ez loops &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>folding paddle kit &ndash; <strong>fde<li> <li> <strong>handle kit &ndash; <strong>dee<li> <li> <strong>molded paddle kit &ndash; <strong>fda<li> <li> <strong>pad eye kit &ndash; <strong>five-piece kit includes...<li> <li> <strong>paddle keeper &ndash; <strong>fasd<li> <ul>

cabelas turkey frying pot kits : cabelas

these kits are great for the cook who already has a propane burner and wants to try this tasty way of preparing your turkey

plano® ultralight bow case : cabelas

plano&#39;s ultralight bow case is small enough to fit nearly any youth-style recurve or compound bow. it boasts dense foam padding on the lid and base and plano&#39;s patented, crushproof pillarlock&reg; system. exterior dimensions: 40.625&rdquo;l x 14.125&rdquo;w x 3&rdquo;d. interior dimensions: 39.5&rdquo;l x 12.75&rdquo;w x 2.5&rdquo;d.

tuff country level kits : cabelas

level your truck&#39;s front with the rear and put on larger tires with the tuff country level kits. all leveling kits are made of high-quality materials. available for a variety of models.

wine making kits & beer making kits : cabelas

choose high-quality wine making kits and beer making kits from cabelas to enjoy the rewards of making your own gourmet drinks at home.

cabelas xpg™ ultralight two-person tent : cabelas

weighing in at under 3 lbs., cabela&#39;s xpg ultralight 2-person tent provides a compact, lightweight and unbelievably rugged shelter for the serious backpacker. size: 2-person. color: _____.

tear-aid patch kits : cabelas

repair tears in your pack, tent or waders with an easy-to-use peel-and-stick patch. the patch forms a watertight seal in seco

boresighters | laser boresighters | boresighter kits : cabelas

cabelas selection of boresighters for improved shooting accuracy and precision. offering boresights, laser boresights, and boresighting kits.

c.e. smith replacement bearing kits : cabelas

replace your worn out wheel bearings with these handy kits. <br> <b>available:<b><br> 1" bearing kit<br> 1-116" bear

falcon ultralight panfish spinning rods : cabelas

detect even the slightest bites from panfish with falcon's ultralight spinning rods. these lightweight, powerhouse rods have

allied tool kits : cabelas

perfect for do-it-yourself mechanics, allied tool kit includes 175 of the most-reached-for tools for general automotive repair and maintenance. full-length heat-treated combination wrenches, sae and metric sockets, needle-nose pliers, four quivers of bits, ratcheting screwdriver, precision spark plug gap gauge, allen wrenches, wire strippers, tire gauge and even tie downs ensure you&#39;re ready for any job. super-durable chrome vanadium alloy steel construction. flip index bar for easy access. exceeds a.n.s.i. and u.s. federal specifications for quality and performance. manufacturer&#39;s unconditional replacement warranty.<br > <strong>wt: <strong>7.82 lbs.

heater meals caf2go beverage kits : cabelas

self-heating beverage kits come with everything you need to enjoy satisfying, hot beverages anytime, anyplace &ndash; just add potable water. each kit serves 18 cups of your favorite beverage.

adventure medical kits first aid kits : cabelas

ultracompact, on-the-go medical kits for everyday use and backcountry excursions. available: blistermedic, pocket medic.

cabelas mens ultralight 2 lug wading boots : cabelas

we&rsquo;ve upgraded our ultralight wa&shy;ding boots with high-grade components to make them more versatile and more durable than ever. the nylonsynthetic upper is built on a top-notch last with a base that accommodates a wide variety of foot widths. height: 8-12&quot;. average weight: 2.4 lbs.pair.&nbsp; men&rsquo;s whole sizes: 8-14. color: brownolive.

cabelas womens ultralight 2 lug wading boots : cabelas

we&rsquo;ve upgraded our ultralight wa&shy;ding boots with high-grade components to make them more versatile and more durable than ever. the nylonsynthetic upper is built on a top-notch last with a base that accommodates a wide variety of foot widths. ht. : 8.5&quot;. avg. wt.: 2.4 lbs.pair. women&#39;s whole sizes: 7-10. color: brown olive.

rcbs® rock chucker supreme reloading kits : cabelas

a convenient, cost-saving solution for the beginning reloader or an equipment upgrade for the seasoned expert, the rcbs rc supreme reloading kits contain virtually all the top-quality equipment needed for precision metallic reloading. based on the legendary rock chucker press, the <strong>rock chucker supreme and supreme master<strong> offer a superior blend of strength, precision and versatility. they have the same ultrastrong cast-iron construction along with a larger window opening to accommodate today&rsquo;s longer magnum cartridges. ambidextrous designs ensure comfortable right- or left-hand use. (dies and shellholders not included.)<br > <strong>supreme kit includes:<strong> rock chucker supreme press, 5-0-5 powder scale, uniflow&trade; powder measure, speer no. 14 reloading manual, hand-priming tool, hex-key set, universal case loading block, case-lube kit, powder funnel and deburring tool.<br > <strong>supreme master kit includes:<strong> rock chucker supreme press, m500 mechanical scale, uniflow&trade; powder measure, nosler no. 7 reloading manual, hand-priming tool, hex-key set, universal case loading block, case-lube kit, powder funnel and deburring tool.

cabelas shoot and clean starter combo kits : cabelas

all you need is the gun, the ammo and a safe place to shoot, our shoot and clean starter combo kit provides you with the rest. available kits: .45 cal., .357.389mm, .40 cal., .223 cal.

orion boaters first aid kits : cabelas

<b>fish 'n ski kit<b><br> the perfect size marine first-aid kit for the small-craft boater. the plastic case is equipped

do-it ultralight steelhead jig mold : cabelas

lightweight and bend-resistant for hard-hitting steelhead and overweight trout. fully customizable. <br><br><img src="ca

optics lens cleaning kits & supplies | scope cleaner : cabelas

cabelas selection of optics cleaning supplies. choose from lens cleaning kits, camera lens cleaner solution & more for a fog proof viewing experience.

adventure medical kits sol origin : cabelas

the origin&trade; is a lightweight, space-efficient survival kit that fits in the palm of your hand. dimensions: 3.87&quot;l x 2.75&quot;w x 1.5&quot;d. weight: 6.25 oz.

birchwood casey sharpshooter™ tablock™ kits : cabelas

designed to accommodate all of birchwood casey&#39;s most popular 12&quot; and 12&quot; x 18&quot; targets, the sharpshooter tablock is the perfect portable, reusable year-round training tool for both experienced hunters and first-time shooters. target kit includes a metal frame, one 12.5&quot; x 24&quot; corrugated plastic target board and four targets for your shooting enjoyment. made in usa.

adventure medical kits sam® splint : cabelas

support a fractured or broken limb with the sam splint, no matter where you are. made from a thin core of aluminum alloy and slotted in between two layers of closed-cell foam, the sam splint bends into any of three simple curves for a strong and supportive splint when freshly unrolled. size: 36&rdquo;l x 4&rdquo;w. weight: 4 oz.
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