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rapala® fish gripper : cabelas

grip, lift and weigh your catch – the rapala® fish gripper lets you do it all with one hand. available: digital, mechanical.

cuda® skin gripper : cabelas

keep a firm hold on your fish during the filleting process with the handy skin gripper from cuda. rugged aluminum-alloy construction with a dual-position tpr handle that ensures comfortable hand positioning while you work. scale pattern provides a secure, nonslip grip.<br > <strong>length: <strong>6&quot;.

promar fish gloves : cabelas

eliminate the frustration of having slippery fish slide out of your grasp and enjoy a sure grip anytime you're handling or

alumiglo superbrite fish light : cabelas

the 12-volt led power of the alumiglo&trade; superbrite fish light isperfect for those who are passionate about fishing, gigging, shrimping or bullynetting after the sun has gone down. internally weighted, and built for both fresh and saltwater use, they provide a four-sided 360&deg; radius of green light that is sure to bring the catch of the night. comes with battery clips and cigarette plug attachments for versatile pick-a-plug options. low-amp draw allows for use with 12-volt batteries of any size. heavy-duty all aluminum construction. high-power leds last for up to 50,000 hours. available sizes: 12&quot;, 24&quot;, 48&quot;.

fishing gear for beginners from cabelas : cabelas

select fishing equipment for beginners from cabelas, ranging from fishing lures to tackle boxes.

cabelas mens fish skeleton cap : cabelas

cabela&#39;s men&#39;s fish skeleton cap is a heavily washed, low-profile, unstructured cap that fits comfortably from the first wearing. features a moisture-wicking sweatband, flat-stitched front and back embroidery, plus a hook-and-loop closure. made of 100% cotton ripstop for lightweight durability. one size fits most. imported.<br > <strong>colors:<strong> charcoal, khaki, olive.

cabelas boys fish bone cap : cabelas

our six-panel boys&#39; fish bone cap was made for the adventurous youth. adjustable hook-and-loop fastener ensures a secure fit. 100% woven-cotton construction for a soft feel. one size fits most. colors: grey, white.

lindy® xxl fish glove : cabelas

originally developed for medical personnel to protect them from hypodermic needles, the puncture-resistant fabric in these gloves will protect your hands from cuts that come from handling sharp-spined fish. plus, they provide super gripping power and dry quickly. sold per glove. size: xxl. available: right hand, left hand. color: orangeblack.

fish filleter, fish knife, fish processing, cutting b : cabelas

complete every fish cookout with cabelas fish filleter and fish knives. process any fish large or small with fish processing tools, cutting boards, and fish scaler. each filleter, fish knife and cutting board is designed for precision and speed which makes these fish processing tools quite the catch.

hueter toledo gripper ball : cabelas

one of the most durable squeaky toys on the market, the soft-flex&trade; gripper ball will provide hours of tug of war and fetch with your four-legged friend. available: 5.5&rdquo;, 7&rdquo;.

luhr-jensen® dodger fish flasher : cabelas

these flashers produce all the flash and action of a school of baitfish, using both visual and sonic stimulus to attract fi

on time fish feeder : cabelas

the fish feeder combo comes ready to mount to any 4x4 wooden dock post. the unit is equipped with a 150-lb. capacity barrel,

rapala® fish n fillet knife : cabelas

there aren't many fillet knives available that surpass the durability, balance and fillet-making sharpness of the original

ranger aluminum fish billy club : cabelas

ensure your catch doesn&#39;t suffer with the ranger aluminum fish billy club. club is 18&quot; long with a 5&quot; rubber grip. diamond-embossed aluminum sleeve sits over a concrete filler. plastic cap is fitted on the end. wt: 1.2 lbs.

thill™ big fish slider floats : cabelas

great for use with live or dead bait for large bass, catfish, muskie, northern pike, salmon, red fish and other big fish. weight with egg sinker (supported by split shot or swivel), rolled lead wire or row of split shot. available in a variety of sizes.

king kooker square fish cooker : cabelas

cook fish, seafood and other foods to perfection with this sturdy propane-powered cooker. the 16" bolt-together cooker has a

pond king mounted fish feeder : cabelas

grow large, healthy fish with pond king&#39;s solar-powered mounted fish feeder. timer-controlled feeder allows you program up to six feedings per day with one- to 30-second feed times. during each feeding, half the feed drops straight down, while the other half is dispersed in a 6-ft. semi-circle. varmint guard keeps pesky critters from stealing the fish food. mount it 2 to 3 ft. above the water on a dock or stationary post. all-aluminum, welded, powder-coated body. includes varmint guard, solar panel, programmable timer, 6-volt rechargeable battery and necessary hardware to mount on 2&quot; square post. manufacturer&#39;s limited warranty.<br > <strong>feeder body:<strong> 17&quot; dia.<br > <strong>oal including varmint guard:<strong> 32&quot;.<br > <strong>capacity:<strong> 50 lbs. fish food pellets up to 34&quot; dia.<br > <strong>wt:<strong> 30 lbs.

fish scales, digital fish scales & measuring devices : cabelas

choose digital fish scales and measuring devices from cabelas that allow you to weigh and measure fish with minimal handling.

coleman® fish hunter inflatable boat : cabelas

fish hard-to-reach spots on the water with the coleman fish hunter inflatable boat. available: four-person, six-person.

eagle claw paddle fish rods : cabelas

eagle claw&#39;s solid paddle fish glass rods are built to withstand the punishment dished out by hard-fighting monsters.

cabelas fish eagle® 50 spinning rods : cabelas

rated at 50 million-psi modulus, the fish eagle&reg; 50 spinning rods offer excellent strength and sensitivity with pac bay&reg; guides equipped with hardloy&reg; ceramic inserts.

cabelas fish eagle® 50 trolling rods : cabelas

the first time you fish one of our fish eagle 50 trolling rods, you might be surprised.

megastrike fish attractant : cabelas

on slower days or anytime you want to heat up the action, put a dab of megastrike attractant on your bait. works great on wor

luminox watches: cabelas : cabelas

cabelas selection of luminox watches. choose from the luminox air, land and sea models for a watch you can depend on wherever you go.

porcupine® fish attractor 3-pack spheres only : cabelas

build your own porcupine fish attractors with these convenient spheres. they accept pvc pipe to complete a fish structure t
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